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Resource Library

Welcome to the Hilltop Equine Concepts Resource Library, a FREE resource for equine enthusiasts and professionals. Created with the intent to give back to the equine community, the library is being built with the help of wonderful industry experts throughout the United States, who contribute educational material on a variety of topics related to horses, horse care, training, and health/nutrition! The library subscription includes a procurement of special guest posts from practitioners and equine professionals, delivered straight to your inbox monthly. Whether you're a novice or a professional, this horse-related content is for you! An added benefit for subscribers is that they get first-dibs on pre-registration for condensed courses, and early bird notifications on things like giveaways before they're announced on social media. Subscribers also receive exclusive content that is not available on the public blog. No catch. No junk mail. Just a once monthly helpful horse tips delivered to your inbox.

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