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Merging Treatment Modalities: Massage + Chiropractic + BEMER

These days there are a plethora of products on the market for maintaining our horses, and countless ways to improve equine health, prevent or rehabilitate injuries, and address our horses' needs in order to keep them going strong. Some of the modalities available to us are backed by research, while others remain theoretical in nature.

The horse has benefitted from many of these preventative or rehabilitative muscle therapy modalities and we're seeing horses live longer in modern times than they ever have historically, with improved quality of life. Performance horses often bounce back from injury faster than they might have in the past, and even everyday riding horses are reaping the benefits of preventative measures. In this article, I dive into the modalities that I believe are most beneficial, as they address each system of the body, and treat multiple conditions and injuries.

Let's talk about the benefits of combining chiropractic care, with massage and BEMER therapy when it comes to our horses. I like to call these three -- the ultimate healing "equine trifecta".

Throughout my years of study, I have observed many horses with many different diagnosis, conditions, and needs. I've found that there is one tried and true, consistently beneficial way to help the horse improve in overall health and wellness and that is through total balance of the body. (I'll discuss total balance such as balancing the mouth, the hooves, etc in separate articles and posts).

Balancing the body is significantly aided by three major components which are all backed by science:

  • Chiropractic care (balancing the skeletal system through addressing misalignments and subluxations in a horse's spine or joints),

  • Massage techniques (assisting the muscles and other systems of the body to hold balance),

  • BEMER therapy (promoting microcirculation on a cellular level, thereby stimulating the horse's natural healing processes from the inside out). BEMER stands for bio-electro-magnetic energy regulation and it is a scientifically proven form of PEMF therapy unique from any other today. It is DRUG FREE PAIN RELIEF THAT GOES TO WORK IMMEDIATELY!

One could say we are using the healing equine trifecta to balance the horse even down to the cells!

The equine trifecta : chiro + massage + BEMER (PEMF) therapy. There is no such thing as perfect, but I have found these three modalities to be my go-to combination for helping horses in nearly any situation involving balancing the body and restoring health and wellness. A combination of the three together is powerful in healing injured or body sore horses, and aiding in the treatment of many conditions, and even illnesses that can cause pain and discomfort for our equine friends. In my experience, the three, when administered together are most effective, yielding the fastest and most powerful results because when done together, they are addressing just about every system of the body including the skeletal system, muscular system, cardiovascular, lymphatic, central nervous, gastrointestinal, and circulatory systems. Amazing!

Now -- why do them together, you ask? Well, muscles are often tight and sore when an injury occurs, or when the horse is overcompensating (common) from "nurture vs. nature". Even pasture pet horses that are not in work may suffer from imbalances causing them discomfort as domesticated horses are often asked to do things that they would not naturally do.

When the muscles are tight or injured, they lack elasticity. The skeletal system is often "out of balance" or as the expression goes, "out of whack" when our horses sustain injury and from everyday use doing things that their bodies were not naturally designed for. For example, if the horse is out in the poll, he is likely sore on multiple levels -- within both the superficial muscular and even the deep musculoskeletal systems. Chiropractic adjustment by a professional can address the matter of putting the structures of the horse's body back into place, but if the muscles are tense, than the horse is less likely to hold his adjustment for longer periods of time. Hence, it is recommended by many vets, chiropractors and body workers to schedule a massage and fascia work for your horse prior to your chiropractic appointment -- or at least as close together as possible. This will allow the muscles and fascia to become relaxed, and therefore the horse's overall response to the chiropractic adjustment will be improved and generally affords longer lasting results between appointments.

Similarly, BEMER therapy addresses other systems of the body, primarily the circulatory system and central nervous systems which are going to contribute to pain, healing time, and more. By adding a BEMER session around the same day that you are scheduling a chiropractic adjustment for your horse, you are essentially causing the horse's body to heal faster through improved circulation which is proven to reduce inflammatory response almost immediately. Literally, the BEMER is stimulating the circulatory response which allows new cells to generate, and old waste to be flushed out of the body. With new cell generation comes healing at a far more rapid rate than if the horse were left to heal untouched. By combining this unique type of therapy with massage, we are preparing the horse for an improved chiropractic experience, faster recovery, and improved comfort (reduced pain) throughout his body and we're doing it with DRUG FREE PAIN RELIEF!

This is something to think about the next time you schedule an appointment.

As always, you should discuss any treatment for your horse(s) with your Veterinarian prior to beginning any alternative therapies for your horse.



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