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Benefits of Bioelectric Magnetic Energy Regulation for the Horse

BEMER (Bio-electro-magnetic-energy-regulation) therapy, a unique, patented form of PEMF, can help your horse live his best life, compete to his fullest, and heal faster through improved circulatory response. Let's take a closer look at the amazing benefits of this unique kind of PEMF therapy.

BEMER supports the following:

  • Reduced inflammation (pain relief)

  • May be used to calm a horse before it goes into the show ring

  • Eases tightness and can make horse more supple

  • Enhances the horse's natural recovery process

  • Corrects cellular dysfunction throughout the body

  • Stimulates and exercises cells to recharge cells

  • Gives horses more energy naturally through improved circulation

  • Improves athletic performance (through improved circulation, healing and energy)

  • Improved circulation - microcirculation treating the horse vascularly

  • In turn, improved circulatory response on the cellular level supports rapid healing of ligaments, joints, muscular injury and whole body systems.

Note that BEMER treatments work differently than other PEMF devices on the market. BEMER (bio electro magnetic energy regulation) has a unique patented signal. This signal is in the shape of a "square wave", and the peak of the wave holds the cellular contraction for a longer period of time. Further, the effects of treatment have been proven to offer long-lasting results!

BEMER technology has 7 FDA approved double-blind and placebo controlled studies on file in the USA, and many more studies published and approved by the EU (most are in German, which I do not read/speak).

This ground breaking technology has been around over 20 years with units currently in regular use in over 4,000 clinics and hospitals in Europe. BEMER is currently marketed as an FDA Class 2 medical device in the US and rapidly gaining steam with doctors and therapists in the USA.

More and more Veterinarians are adopting BEMER globally for these reasons.



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